On February 25th, the CCD Alumni Association with support from the CCD Foundation, proudly awarded its first Alumni Scholarship to accounting student Handrajannie “Jenny” Tanojo. Jenny’s $500 Alumni Scholarship was funded by CCD graduates who joined the Alumni Association at the “purple” or “gold” levels with donations of $20 or $30. The CCD Alumni Scholarship will be awarded annually from Alumni Association funds and, if needed, ONE CCD employee giving scholarship funds.

Jenny was selected from qualifying applicants by Alumni Association members based on the monumental odds she overcame and hard work she puts in to be a high-achieving student at CCD.

Jenny was born and raised in Indonesia, where her grandparents emigrated from China. Given the political and social climate in Indonesia, in 2000 she was granted political asylum in the United States. At that time, Jenny didn’t speak any English and had limited job skills. In 2010, she moved to Colorado to live with her son and grandson and made the decision to attend CCD.

As an older, ESL student, Jenny needs to put in extra effort to do well in her classes. Her 4.0 GPA is a clear indication of her determination and self-described “spirit to compete.” Jenny wrote in her scholarship application, “My dream has been deferred for most of my life. It is time for me to build a career of my own. I want my life to have meaning. That’s why I am determined to continue my education.”

Jenny plans to graduate from CCD in 2016 with an associate’s degree in accounting and to secure employment as a bookkeeper and volunteer at a non-profit while she pursues her bachelor’s in accounting at MSU. Congratulations Jenny! You are an inspiration to us all.