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ⓇWith GB WhatsApp download Pro, you can see which messages have been withdrawn by the other person, and the mod version allows messages that have been deleted by the other person to remain on your page. This means that even if the person's chat box shows that they have withdrawn their message, it is visible to you, even though they deleted it several hours ago. GB WhatsApp Pro also allows you to see the status of people who have been deleted within 24 hours.⇧

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☸You can use this software to hide your online status from all or specific contacts. When you have set the offline status to some specific contacts, then these people will not be able to see if you are online or not. This is why many users appreciate this feature. Use GB WhatsApp Pro to communicate with other people you want to contact without being disturbed by others.↻

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❉A characteristic that sets GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK apart from other versions is that users can use it to send messages to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have the other person's phone number saved, which is difficult to do in other versions. This feature can help users a lot in social and work situations, breaking the usual limits.▢

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