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The CCD Foundation appreciates the strong support it receives for sponsored scholarships and the individual donations that supplement them. Foundation scholarships include First Generation Scholarships for students who are the first in their family to attend college and Open Door Scholarships for undocumented students committed to contributing to society and the economy.

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Sponsored Scholarship Supporters

ABC Scholarship

CCD and the CCD Foundation established this scholarship to help students complete their associate degree at CCD within two semesters after completing concurrent enrollment. By the end of their CCD ASCENT/5th Year Early College year, students must be on track to complete an associate degree within two semesters, have earned a minimum of 36 credits toward his/her associate degree at CCD, have a 2.75 cumulative GPA, and have passed MAT and ENG courses for his/her degree.
ABC Scholarship

Francie Anhut Scholarship

The Francie Anhut Scholarship Fund was established by family members, friends and CCD colleagues to honor Francie’s passion for CCD students. Francie joined CCD in May 2014 as the executive director of the CCD Foundation and passed away on October 24, 2016, after a heroic 16-month battle with cancer.

This permanent endowment assists students with demonstrated financial need and a strong commitment to volunteer work and community service – two of Francie’s core values.

J Amado Photography Scholarship

The J Amado Photography Scholarship is funded by J Amado Photography to help current CCD students achieve their educational goals. The scholarship is awarded to a graphic design with strong photography skills as selected by the committee.

The J Amado Photography Scholarship is open to aspiring photographers 18 years and older residing in the state of Colorado. Aspiring photographer must be enrolled at Community College of Denver AND be enrolled in at least one photography or graphic design or arts course for fall 2019.

J Amado Photography Scholarship

HealthOne Scholarship

The HealthOne Scholarship is a matching grant offered through the Foundation for the Colorado Community Colleges to assist students in the following health sciences programs with demonstrated financial need: dental hygiene, med records tech, med clinic assist, electroencephalographic tech, EMT, paramedic, radiation therapy or radiology technology.

Kingdom Enlightenment Scholarship

The Kingdom Enlightenment Scholarship Foundation (KESF) was founded by Stephen S. Fredericks through his last Will and Testament. Steve died of malignant melanoma on April 13, 1991 at the age of 34. Steve grew up in southeast Denver, graduated from John F. Kennedy High School and attended college in Arizona. He later worked as a golf pro in Texas and it was about this time when Steve was diagnosed with cancer.

For years he had anguished over the injustice in the world and the disparity between the rich and poor. With the short amount of time he had left he wanted to do something about it. He volunteered at the Denver Street School and also began to counsel troubled youths at the Gilliam Youth Service Center where he discovered that the majority of them were minorities and came from poor families.

Before he passed, Steve created this scholarship program to help educate the less fortunate young people in our society and hopefully break the poverty cycle. Since 1992, KESF has provided over half a million dollars to support recent graduates of Colorado high schools with demonstrated financial need to attend CCD.

Freda T. Roof Memorial Scholarship

Ms. Roof established this scholarship fund in order to benefit worthy, deserving, and needy students who are obtaining a college or university education in the state of Colorado. Her desire was to provide assistance to these students in order to defray expenses of tuition, fees, living and transportation costs, and other expenses necessary to the education of individuals selected by the colleges and universities. Freda expressed sincere hope that the individuals selected as recipients of assistance will be of such character that they will feel a strong moral obligation to repay the amount received in order that the benefits may be continued over a substantial period of time.

Dr. Roberta Shaklee Periodontal Excellence Scholarship

The Roberta Shaklee Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Dr. Roberta Shaklee. The scholarship is awarded to a dental hygiene student with strong periodontal interest/skills as selected by CCD faculty.

Winograd Award Scholarship

The Winograd Award was established in 2017, to honor Leonard Winograd’s 30 years of teaching excellence at CCD and for his contributions to CCD’s Ourglass publication. This yearly award recognizes excellence in creative writing by a CCD student whose work is published in Ourglass as selected by CCD faculty.

One of the greatest opportunities Leonard offered students was the chance to be involved in Ourglass, CCD’s literacy magazine. Leonard championed a vision of the importance of student voice and personal expression on campus through his work on Ourglass. In doing so, he opened the door for many students who otherwise would not have had a forum to share their personal experiences and stories- he let students know that their voices were important.

Boundless Opportunity Scholarship

The Boundless Opportunity Scholarship benefits motivated non-traditional students who recognize the power of education to create a better life for themselves and their families. The scholarship is offered to non-traditional students who are legal residents of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming. It can be used for undergraduate degrees and certificate programs.

The Daniels Fund, established by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels, is a private charitable foundation dedicated to making life better for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming through its grants program, scholarship program and ethics initiative.

Boundless Opportunity Scholarship

Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship is funded by donations from CCD alumni to help current CCD students achieve their educational goals. It offers both graduates who received financial assistance to attend CCD and others an opportunity to “pay it forward” by helping a future graduate reach their educational goals.
Alumni Scholarship

Anschutz Foundation Scholarship

The Anschutz Foundation established this matching scholarship through the Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges to assist full-time CCD students with funding for tuition, fees and books.
Anschutz Foundation Scholarship

Chris Budden Scholarship

The Chris Budden Scholarship was established to honor Dr. Budden upon his retirement from CCD. Qualifying applicants must demonstrate financial need (150% PELL) and be enrolled in CCD’s welding program.

Mel Carter Art Scholarship

A bequest from the estate of former fine arts professor Mel Carter established this endowment and honors his legacy while celebrating outstanding CCD art students. The Mel Carter Art Scholarship is awarded to a talented visual arts student currently enrolled at CCD and selected by visual arts faculty who meet annually to develop and review criteria for the award.

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of talent and not on financial need to one or more promising students majoring in either visual arts or graphic design.

Jayme Emmons Dental Hygiene Award

The Jayme Emmons Clinical Excellence in Dental Hygiene Award was established by Dr. Eileen McGinty and Terry Emmons to celebrate the life and career of dental hygienist Jayme Emmons. The award is presented annually to an outstanding dental hygiene student selected by CCD faculty.

Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges – Scholarships

Thanks to generous donors, the Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges is able to offer several scholarship opportunities for which CCD students may be eligible. By completing the Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges Scholarship Application, you may be considered for several scholarships including the Stone Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship, Thomas T. Grimshaw Endowed Scholarship, Credit Union of Colorado Scholarship, and Audrey D. and Harvey D. Rothenberg Scholarship.
The application process will automatically qualify you for scholarships for which you are eligible. The application process for 2018-2019 academic year scholarships has closed.
The application for 2019-2020 scholarships will open in early 2019 and the deadline to submit a scholarship will be in April 2019.
Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges – Scholarships

Last Mile Scholarship

Last Mile Scholarships are available for students who are within 15 credit hours (one semester) of graduating, enabling these students to focus on their studies, take additional classes, and graduate when it might otherwise not be possible. Applicants must be a Colorado resident, and have exhausted Pell eligibility or VA benefits or have a demonstrated hardship (academic, personal, health, etc.) or financial constraint (employment, etc.)

Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation Scholarship

Herbert and Judy Paige created the Paige Family Foundation with the strong belief that “education of youth is the most efficient and effective method of improving the welfare, condition, and future of all communities, citizens and families. The basis of all human improvement begins with education.”

The Paige Scholarship covers up to 50 percent of total tuition, books and materials, and requisite fees. Preference is given to applicants in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or business programs who intend to transfer to pursue a four-year degree or professional programs.

Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation Scholarship

Audrey D. and Harvey D. Rothenberg Scholarship

Established by Audrey D. and Harvey D. Rothenberg in 2016, one annual scholarship is awarded to a non-traditional student who is either attending or planning to attend a Colorado Community College System institution.

TheDream U.S. Scholarship

TheDream.US Scholarship supports DREAMEer’s in excelling academically and graduating from college with career-ready degrees and skills that will enable them to join the U.S. workforce. DREAMers must be DACA or TPS eligible. The scholarship covers tuition and fees for students pursuing an associate degree.
TheDream U.S. Scholarship

Wellington Webb Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship

The Wellington Webb Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship was established by the Colorado Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission. The scholarship annually assists one or more students with demonstrated financial need who have a demonstrated commitment to civic engagement and community leadership. The scholarship is awarded during CCD’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration.

American GI Forum-5281 Chapter Scholarship

Established by the American GI Forum (AGIF) 5218 Chapter, this scholarship supports Hispanic veterans in their pursuit of post-secondary educational opportunities at CCD.

Assistance League Denver Scholarship

The Assistance League Denver (ALD) is an all-volunteer, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of children and adults through its innovative philanthropic programs. ALD has been serving the greater Denver community for 60 years. In 2017, their members volunteered 28,443 hours and served 9,219 people, returning $420,000 to meet the needs of people in the Denver community. ALD is highly motivated to effect change in the community because they care about the outcome.
Assistance League Denver Scholarship

Buell Grant

The Buell Grant is provided by the Trustees of Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation. This scholarship is designed to support CCD students and increase the success of Spanish-speaking early childhood educators.
Buell Grant

Credit Union of Colorado Scholarship

Each year the Credit Union of Colorado, in conjunction with the Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges, offers scholarships to seven students who are members of the Credit Union of Colorado and are pursuing their education at one of the Community College of Colorado System colleges. Scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time students.

First Generation Scholarship

The First Generation Scholarship was established by the CCD Foundation to support CCD students who are the first in their family to attend college.

Thomas T. Grimshaw Endowed Scholarship

The Thomas T. Grimshaw Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 in honor of Mr. Grimshaw’s longtime advocacy on behalf of the Colorado Community College System and his distinguished service on both the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education and the Foundation for Colorado Community College board of directors. This fund provides need-based scholarships that can be used for tuition, fees, books and required supplies.

Oneta Elaine Hollowell Memorial Scholarship

The Oneta Elaine Hollowell Memorial Scholarship Fund is sponsored by Kids 4 Real Incorporated Childcare Center in memory of Oneta, who lost her ten-month battle to Leiomyosarcoma cancer on February 26, 2012. Oneta was owner and director of a child care facility and her center was continually ranked among the top centers in the state of Colorado. Oneta touched countless people through her work with children. She loved interacting with youth and impacting the effect they would have on the world. She received her associate degree in the early childhood education program at CCD. For more than 20 years, she educated Denver’s children to become the future leaders of tomorrow. Preference is given to single parents.

Dr. Ron Mahoney Scholarship

The Wheat Ridge Optimist Club established this scholarship to honor its long-time member, Dr. Ron Mahoney. The scholarship supports a student who plans to enroll in CCD’s dental hygiene program.
Dr. Ron Mahoney Scholarship

Edward J. Romero Memorial Scholarship

The Edward J. Romero Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Edward J. Romero. Applicants must be working towards a degree and/or certificate program, enrolled in at least 6 credits, and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Additionally, applicants must be a resident of Colorado for tuition purposes.

Stone Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Established by The Stone Family Foundation in 2012, this fund provides need-based scholarships to students who are either attending or planning to attend a Colorado Community College System institution. Scholarship funds can be used for tuition, fees, books, required supplies and any other costs to fully meet a student’s unmet financial need.

WIN Veteran Scholarship

The WIN Veteran Scholarship was established to assist honorably discharged veterans to obtain a college education. Preference is given to students studying accounting, business, information technology, pre-engineering, welding, or entrepreneurship, and planning to transfer to a four-year institution.